Let's move HISD Forward Together

Early Voting: October 21 - November 1, 2019
Election Day: Tuesday November 5, 2019

Meet Dr. Reagan Flowers

Dr. Reagan Flowers has been at the forefront of all matters related to STEM education, leadership, entrepreneurship, community advocacy, and professional motivation throughout her career. Her monumental path tells a marvelous story of determination and a will to fight for the un-empowered. Her incredible talents were demonstrated at a young age, as she overcame failing third grade, and through the encouragement of her teachers was able to complete high school early, and went on to become the first person in her family to graduate from college (Texas Southern University). Her passion for STEM education was born while working as a science teacher at Jack Yates High School. Thanks to a grant provided by NASA, her students were able to build a one-of-a-kind robot, to compete in the school’s first-ever robotics competition. The success of her students and her recognition of the importance of mathematics and science motivated her to create more positive changes at the local level, and she made it her mission to ensure that each child had access to enriched STEM education programming. She has the unwavering support of her loving husband and finds delight in watching others enjoy a meal she has prepared, listening to great music, and traveling the world.

Video Message

Her STEM exploits evolved into helping support organizations, businesses, teachers, and other professionals in impacting change through the power of education. She has motivated thousands through her inspirational speaking engagements, her business ventures, and community advocacy. Today, she works diligently as CEO of C-STEM, whose headquarters is proudly located in historic Third Ward, TX, and continues to make certain that underrepresented students get the opportunities necessary to have better professional and personal outcomes. Every chapter of her journey has prepared her for this role as HISD Trustee, one which your support will be critical in helping her achieve. She is committed to helping move HISD forward, for our children and our community, and she recognizes that Change Begins With Us.

Making a Difference...

We all need inspiration from time to time. Dr. Reagan Flowers has the professional and personal experience to help a variety of entities in times of need. She has been able to assist educators, as well as other professionals, while also assisting and mentoring students in vulnerable situations.

Dr. Flowers makes a clear distinction between telling someone they can overcome a problem or a difficult circumstance, and creating a lasting impact that will inspire the receiver of the message to create lasting positive changes. For more details, and to learn more about Dr. Reagan’s inspirational speaking engagements visit: https://www.drreaganflowers.com/

An Education Expert...

Dr. Flowers is one of the nation’s foremost leaders in education. She has raised millions of dollars towards efforts to close achievement gaps that disadvantaged students face in underfunded schools and undeveloped communities. As chief knowledge officer of Education Consulting Services, she works tirelessly to provide businesses, organizations, and academic institutions with the resources to implement effective strategies that will help resolve issues associated with barriers in education.

Ultimately, her mission with ECS is to strengthen the workforce of today and tomorrow by influencing the next generation of STEM professionals and utilizing their skills to strengthen our society’s economic influence among other competitive societies throughout the world. Learn More...

Giving Back to the Community

Through Dr. Flowers’ STEM driven initiatives, public speaking, and similar engagements, she continues to make certain that communities are strengthened to their highest degree. Perhaps one of her most notable ways in which she fortifies communities is through C-STEM.

C-STEM is a nonprofit organization she founded in 2002. The mission of C-STEM is to ignite the light within students to help them obtain a passion for communication, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Over the years, her organization has provided immeasurable support for tens of thousands of teachers, students, organizations, and parents around the country. Learn more about what C-STEM is doing in our community here.

Change Begins with Us: Our Platform

As our nation's 4th largest city, Houston's youth have so much to offer, and we need to ensure that HISD as the nation’s 7th largest school district is best meeting their needs. We need to move HISD Forward together. Dr. Flowers’ plan is comprised of various factors that collectively contribute towards the success that a child accomplishes in the classroom. All factors must be fulfilled to help strengthen school districts and ensure a positive transition from the classroom to college and career. If everyday individuals, community leaders, organizations, and businesses work in unison, we can close the gaps in education that have been affecting the most underserved members' communities in Houston for decades.

Take a look below to see what Dr. Flowers believes will help lead to a powerful transformation for our schools.

It is our belief that a school district should always have children and their families as their most essential priority. Our children should remain at the forefront of all significant decisions that are made at the board table.

Collaboration is necessary to ensure that the mission of providing the best educational opportunities to students can be met. To help with this important cause, we must have the assistance of local governmental agencies, community organizations, as well as business entities to help bolster our schools from an organizational, financial and human capital standpoint.

Having organizations partner and engage with school districts is necessary. Unfortunately, many schools do not have the access, tools, or resources to fulfill education responsibilities that are necessary for student success. Such organizations can provide technology, knowledge, and other assets that will close the gaps for students, parents, and teachers.

A curriculum utilized district wide should always be improved and modified to meet the changing needs of students and our society’s institutions. Such institutions include the higher education sector and public/private industry. Additionally, an effective curriculum should include STEM initiatives that will further enrich the educational experience of students.

An educator profoundly affects the life of a child. He or she has the power to influence a student in various ways. To ensure that teachers work effectively to influence the education of students positively, we must strengthen our school districts by providing educators with the necessary resources to be effective classroom leaders. Most importantly, educators should have the full support of their respective school administration and the school board

A community has the right to obtain all necessary information regarding activities performed by a school board. The community elects these leaders in important positions of trust. Therefore, transparency should be a priority, and school boards should govern themselves accordingly.

Dr. Flowers Let's move HISD forward Togther

Get Involved

Dr. Reagan Flowers will do all that it takes to ensure accountability and transparency are present at all times. She will work tirelessly to foster a lasting change that will help elevate students and assist their families overcome barriers to a quality education. Join her and help uplift the voices of HISD students, parents, teachers and Our Community. You can support Dr. Flowers through a monetary donation, volunteering, hosting events on her behalf, or by simply spreading the word and of course voting for her during early voting from October 21st through November 1st, and on Tuesday November 5th!

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